The Veterinary Cardiorespiratory Centre
has now moved to
Willows Referral Service.

To contact us, please call 0121 712 7070, or for further information, please visit Willows website for details of our Cardiology Service.

Willows Referral Service, Highlands Road, Shirley, Solihull, West Midlands B90 4NH

The Veterinary Cardiorespiratory Centre

For the diagnosis and treatment of heart and lung disease in cats & dogs

Telephone: 0121 712 7070
Fax: 0121 712 7077
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Shirley, Solihull B90 4NH

Welcome to the Veterinary Cardiorespiratory Centre

Welcome to the Veterinary Cardiorespiratory Centre

Martin Referrals is one of the leading centres for the diagnosis and treatment of heart and lung conditions in dogs and cats. We are a small close-knit team and so can provide a personal service with efficient communication.

Your pet will be under the care of  a vet with post-graduate qualifications in Veterinary Cardiology and many years of experience that is paramount to the diagnosis or treatment of your pet.

We have a strong sense of pride and integrity in our work and believe in offering advice that provides choice and recommendations that are honest and fair.



How we work


We have all the cardiac equipment you would expect from a leading cardiology centre, from simple blood pressure devices, ECG machines and monitors, to the latest high tech ultrasound system which is used in human cardiac hospitals. We also have strap-on heart rate monitors (Holters) to monitor the heart rhythm over several days. These help us diagnose the cause of collapse or intermittent weakness.

Respiratory Medicine

We have a high resolution x-ray machine that can show us fine lung detail not seen with ordinary machines. We have an amazing range of endoscopes of all sizes. With these we can see up the nose of most pets, look inside the windpipe and down into the airways. If there is mucus or a foreign body – we'll find it. Motion x-ray (fluoroscopy) to show if airways are collapsing. And of course we have years of experience in anaesthetising dogs and cats with all sorts of problems. We use a ventilator during all anaesthetics, to maximise the safety of this for your pet.